Choosing a Project

Titles of research projects available for summer REU participants are listed below. Click on the title to obtain a brief description of each project, and click on the faculty member’s name to learn more about his or her background and research interests. Identify the three projects that sound most interesting to you. When you fill out the on-line application form, you will be asked to list the faculty members who would serve as your mentor on those projects. NOTE:  When you go to apply and find that a faculty member of your choice is not listed - this indicates that he/she is not accepting a participant for the summer.  

REU Research Abstract (pdf)


Allylpalladium mpolung strategies: Development of new Pd-catalyzed multi-component reactions for organic synthesis Helena C. Malinakova
Associate Professor

Azulene-based organometallics relevant to molecular electronics

Mikhail V. Barybin
Catch and Release:  Designing Photocleavable Linkers for Attaching Antibodies to Activated Polymeric Surfaces Steven A. Soper
Distinguished Professor
Characterizing order-disorder transitions in natively disordered proteins David Weis
Associate Professor
Chemical, Electrochemical, and Photochemical Studies of Fuel-Forming Catalysis James D. Blakemore
Assistant Professor
Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry Krzysztof Kuczera
Culture and Stimulation of Macrophage Cells (RAW 264.7) for the Production of Reactive Nitrogen and Reactive Oxygen Species Sue Lunte
Ralph N. Adams Distinguished Professor
Determining the Structure, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Solid-Liquid Interfaces and Grain Boundaries by Computer Simulation Brian B. Laird
1 Development of new synthetic methodologies of small cycles
2. Soluble polymers with tunable properties: Novel platforms for catalyst immobilization
Michael Rubin
Associate Professor
Digital Microfluidic Single Molecule/Cell Analysis: Towards Quantitative Biology and Medicine Yong Zeng
Assistant Professor
Glycosylation analysis in glycoproteins using enzymatic digestion and mass spectrometry Heather Desaire
Green synthesis via decarboxylative coupling. Jon Tunge
LOV Domain Signaling. Carey K. Johnson
Measuring Neurotransmitter Release and Uptake in Huntington’s disease and Fragile X Syndrome Michael A. Johnson
Associate Professor
Molecular dynamics simulations of nanoconfined solvents Ward Thompson
Nanoscale investigations of electronic properties of organic thin films Cindy L. Berrie
Associate Professor
Optical Sensing using Laser Spectroscopy at the Single Molecule Level Bob Dunn
Phosphate Tether-Mediated Processes for Natural Product Synthesis Paul R. Hanson

Quantum Mechanical Simulations of Electronic Excited States of Chromophores for Renewable Energy Applications

Marco Caricato
Assistant Professor
Reaction dynamics of molecular switches

Chris Elles
Associate Professor

Structure-function study of lysyl oxidase-family of proteins in breast cancer metastasis Minae Mure
Associate Professor
Supramolecular and Transition Metal Coordination Chemistry Kristin Bowman-James
Distinguished Professor
Director Kansas NSF EPSCoR
Understanding Metalloenzyme Function through Bio-inspired Inorganic Chemistry Timothy A. Jackson
Associate Professor


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Published News: 
On July 24, 2017 - Cameron Liss had his research featured in the ACS Journal of Chemical Theory & Computation.  Cameron served as a 2016 REU Participant under the direction of Professor Marco Caricato.  The article is titled:  "Electronic Coupling for Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Systems with a Bridge-Overlap Approach"  Click to access abstract

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