Chemical Biology, Microfluidics and Mass Spectrometry

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Research Abstract Titles
"Catch and Release: Designing Photocleavable Linkers for
Attaching Antibodies (Abs) to Activated Polymeric Surfaces"

Steven A. Soper, Distinguished Professor
"Culture and Stimulation of Macrophage Cells (RAW 264.7) for the
Production of Reactive Nitrogen and Reactive Oxygen Species"

Sue Lunte, Ralph N. Adams Distinguished Professor
"Exploring the metrology of hydrogen exchange-mass spectrometry"
David Weis, Associate Professor
"Glycosylation analysis in glycoproteins using enzymatic digestion and mass spectrometry"
Heather Desaire, Professor
"Lipid Regulation in Myelination"
Meredith Hartley, Professor
"Structure-function study of lysyl oxidase-family of proteins in breast cancer metastasis"
Minae Mure, Associate Professor
"The Johnson Laboratory:  Mechanisms of Neurological Disease"
Michael A. Johnson, Associate Professor