Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis

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Research Abstract Titles
"Rapid structural diversification of vinyl polymers via post-polymerization modification (PPM) strategies"
Aaron J. Teator, Assistant Professor
"Allylpalladium mpolung strategies: 
Development of new Pd-catalyzed multi-component reactions for organic synthesis"

Helena C. Malinakova, Associate Professor
"Azulene-based organometallics relevant to molecular electronics"
Mikhail V. Barybin, Professor
1.  Development of new synthetic methodologies of small cycles
2.  Soluble polymers with tunable properties: Novel platforms for catalyst immobilization

Michael Rubin, Associate Professor   [click on numbers to access abstracts]
"Green synthesis via decarboxylative coupling"
Jon Tunge, Professor
"Phosphate Tether-Mediated Processes for Natural Product Synthesis"
Paul R. Hanson, Chancellors Club Teaching Professor
"Storage of Renewable Energy in Chemical Bonds: 
Understanding How LigandsInfluence H2 Fuel Production by Organometallic Catalysts"

James D. Blakemore, Associate Professor
"Supramolecular and Transition Metal Coordination Chemistry"
Kristin Bowman-James, Distinguished Professor and Director Kansas NSF EPSCoR
"Understanding Metalloenzyme Function through Bio-inspired Inorganic Chemistry"
Timothy A. Jackson, Professor